Welcome Baby Jena
Genevieve (Jena) Marie Kreta 19.5 inches · 7.5 lbs · 100% love ( 49.5cm · 3,400g ) -- http://regex.info/blog/
Genevieve (Jena) Marie Kreta
19.5 inches · 7.5 lbs · 100% love
( 49.5cm · 3,400g )

Congratulations to my sister Marci and her husband, Marty, who on Thursday welcomed their second child, a little girl, following two and a half years after their son, Josh. (Josh has appeared on my blog many times, most of which are linked in the “Related posts” box below.)

Jena's great grandmothers on Marci's side were Genevieve (my mom's mom) and Marie (my dad's mom). My mom's mom actually did go by “Genevieve”, but this week's new arrival will apparently go by the more casual “Jena”.

Marty and his Daughter -- http://regex.info/blog/
Marty and his Daughter

In March or so, after my sister-in-law Natalie delivers their first, Anthony will have five cousins!

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Congrats to Marci, Marty and Josh too! I can’t wait to meet Jena!

My best friend Abbie had her baby girl, Anna on 9/10. She weighed 9.14 and was 22 in. WOW!
YAAAAY for babies!

— comment by Natalie on September 14th, 2008 at 4:14am JST (15 years, 9 months ago) comment permalink
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