Protected: Riding a Mini Steam Locomotive
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Anthony and friends riding a very small but very real steam train

(scroll side-to-side to see more of the picture)

As I wrote in my previous post, Anthony and Kana really make each other spark. Add a very small steam locomotive that they can ride around on, and you've got some real fun.

I'll write about the train another day (the locomotive itself is just two and a half feet long and burns coal!), but as far as the kids were concerned, it was just fun. Anthony rode on it many times; here are some pictures from the several times he rode on it with Kana.

Pretty much anything was occasion for fun

Remarkably, they didn't cause any derailments

Everything's more fun with friends
Anthony doing some kind of silly gesture while riding the train with Kana
Anthony making some kind of a silly gesture
They were both doing this for a while
Anthony riding on the back of the mini train holding his hands out as if he's an airplane, making airplane noises with his lips
Just looking at this picture,
you can hear the airplane sounds from his lips
as he glides in for a landing

I took 530 pictures that day, from which I culled about 25 “must show” just for the theme of this post. You can never see too many pictures of kids having fun, but 25 pictures in one post is a bit excessive even for me, so I had to pick just a few.

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