We’re back in Japan

After a long but uneventful trip, Anthony and I are back in Japan.

We took off from Cleveland a bit after 10am Saturday, and after an hour an a half in the plane, and an hour in the terminal in Chicago, we were on a flight for Osaka.

13.5 hours later, we arrived. The flight took off at about 1:30 in the afternoon Eastern time (noon-thirty Central time, as we were in Chicago, but my body was on Eastern time), and arrived at about 2am. It was a long, long flight. Anthony slept for an hour or so a few hours after takeoff, and for three or four hours toward the end of the flight. The rest of the time we looked at books, or played with stickers, or watched cartoons on the seat-back video monitor.

Unusually, the lines at immigration were long and it took the better part of 30 minutes to clear. Then, even after that, it took 20 minutes more for my two checked bags to show up. Customs went quickly, and we were into Japan where Fumie and her mom awaited us. After a month's absence, Anthony and I were both happy to see them.

We loaded up the car seat and luggage into the car, and they made the two-hour drive home while I remained at the airport. We'd planned that I'd stay at the airport hotel for one night to “decompress” from the flight, and try to get a jump on my jetlag. It was a fantastic move.

I checked in at 4:30 pm Sunday and by 5:00 I was asleep. I woke at 3:30am, but after a Benadryl and a bit of TV, I was asleep again until 9am. Perfect!

After putzing around the hotel getting ready to go, and lunch and a massage at airport shops (the massage was more torture than anything else), I made the hour-long train ride to Kyoto (which ended up being an hour and a half due to a rare delay, due to some kind of auto accident which affected all the service earlier in the day). After a subway ride from Kyoto station, I showed up at home at about 2:30pm.

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