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After designing your preset, enter the title to appear in the Presets pulldown on Lightroom's Metadata panel, and click on the “Generate” button.
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[ NOTE: This web-based tool is now superseded by my Metadata-Viewer Preset Builder plugin for Lightroom 2 and above. ] This tool lets you build your own preset configuration files for the metadata viewer in the Adobe Lightroom (Version 1.1 or later) Library module. The most meager instructions are below; for more, see the Introduction and Instructions.

These presets may be convenient as a starting point:

Then, use the Menu section (below right) to add and remove objects from the Customized Metadata Field List (below left). In that list, reorder by dragging (including headers and separator lines), or drag to the pink “trash“ stripe at left to remove them.

Click on an added header to edit it; use a blank header as a spacer. Labels can be changed here, or with my Lightroom Configuration Manager.

When you're done, enter a title for your preset in the box at right, and press the “Generate Preset File” button. Until you're ready to do that, you might want to hide this header with the “hide header” button (far upper right) to enlarge the working space

Customized Metadata Field List
Note: the value shown with each field is just an example
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