Jeffrey's Lightroom Configuration Manager
This web application is a companion to my metadata-viewer preset builder, and allows you to take advantage of undocumented aspects of Adobe Lightroom to configure it in ways beyond what the standard user interface allows for. Please see the introduction and instructions if this is your first time.

The configuration parameters have been grouped into four sections presented below; click on the group names to view each section and make any changes you like. Once changes have been made, follow the instructions below the configuration groups.

Metadata Viewer Labels(has changes)
Metadata Viewer Value Formats(has changes)
Screen Space(has changes)
Fonts and Text Sizes(has changes)

Because of the undocumented and unsupported nature of this configuration method, there may be unknown risks, and so before receiving complete instructions on how to install your configuration, you must first answer a few questions properly to indicate that you understand the unsupported and theoretically risky natures involved: open question dialog