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PicasaWeb (Jan 30, 2017)

Uploads to PicasaWeb are working again in the latest version of the plugin. They had suddenly stopped working, and it seemed like it was because Google had abandoned PicasaWeb, and that may still be the case, but thanks to Rob Jones over at Lightroom plugin provider New P Products for cluing me in on an upload method that still actually works.

Also, please see This FAQ for issues commonly encountered with my plugins.

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Just another follow up on a couple other questions I had on uploading to Google Photos (Picassa Web Albums). Are you saying that once Google phases out Picassa that your Plugin will no longer work for Google Photos? Because now, it seems like whatever shows in Picassa also shows in Google Photos.

You suggest using a different photos depository/service like Smugmug, etc. but I would still prefer to use Google Photos since I have thousands of photos there in albums already. Is there a different plugin or procedure you could suggest to still use this service in the future when Picassa is deactivated? I can’t believe that Google Photos is also going to disappear, and it still has relatively good functionality and features which I can only assume will get better over time considering the number of users it has.


I’m not particularly familiar with Google Photos, seeing how serious photographers are clearly not in their target demographic, so I’m not the best person to ask about this, but I’ve heard of some folks using Google Drive to get photos to Google Photos. Like I said, I haven’t paid much attention to it, so I’m not sure. FWIW, I do have a Google Drive plugin. —Jeffrey

— comment by Bob Crnkovich on March 2nd, 2017 at 10:43am JST (1 year, 2 months ago) comment permalink

HI, I’m having issues with the plug-in for lightroom to zenfolio.
I keep getting a error message saying…The “nil” plug-in is not installed or not working properly.
I have to delete the plug-in from the LR plug-in manager, then re-install it for it to work. Once I close out of LR I get this issue all over again.

It sounds like your Lightroom preferences file has started to go corrupt. Easy enough to fix as per that link, but still a hassle. —Jeffrey

— comment by Don on March 10th, 2017 at 8:12pm JST (1 year, 2 months ago) comment permalink

Regarding Metadata Wrangler and keywords:

I have read where you have determined how to handle the lightroom heirarchy. I noticed where you asked for some ideas. The plugin in works great for stripping keywords and prefixes, which would be EXTREMELY useful for some upload sites (agencies, etc.). I have noticed however:

At least with Flickr, you must have “Explicit export Lr keywords” unchecked in order for Metadata Wrangler plugin to have an effect. I’m guessing this has to do with the order in which they are processed but I’m not sure. That works okay of course (to leave it unchecked) but it does present potential issues with future keyword changes.

More importantly, the heirarchy:

The behavior is such that even if you strip a specific keyword, and that keyword has synonyms, or children below it, it does not affect the export of those words. That becomes the stumbling block in using the plugin for that purpose since more often than not you need to be able to strip those items as well.

Based upon some reading I’ve done on your blog, it at least appears that you have access to the parent, children, an synonyms of a keyword. The coding my be a bit of a pain, but as far as I can tell that would enable this to be a complete solution to problems I read photographers (myself included) frequently have with the way Lightroom exports keywords. Even the alphabetical order is a hindrance but I’m not sure there is much you can do with that part.

Would it be worth having a stand-alone plugin to deal with keywords? I think you would find it extremely popular and I for one would be more than happy to compensate for it.


About the “Explicitly send Lr keywords” thing, the Flickr plugin doesn’t know that you’ve included the Metadata Wrangler plugin as part of the export, and has no idea that the latter is doing anything to keywords. For the most part, one sends the image file with whatever keywords you want (as perhaps modified by Metadata Wrangler) and Flickr extracts them from the image, but if you want to strip the image metadata, but still want Flickr to know about the keywords, you’d use the “Explicitly send…” option. As for better keyword control, I don’t doubt that there’s room for a plugin to give much more control, but unfortunately at this point my todo list is too long to write such a plugin myself. —Jeffrey

— comment by John Cothorn on March 12th, 2017 at 6:25am JST (1 year, 1 month ago) comment permalink


Longtime fan of “Export to Flickr” Lightroom Plugin.

Sometime during the past few weeks, I make edits to images in Lightroom. I close Lightroom and edits are saved upon opening Lightroom next session.

I upload images to Flickr via plugin and edits are not present.

I’m expecting the plugin to blame Lightroom, and Lightroom to blame the plugin.

Is there *any* way to troubleshoot this issue that you know of either per the plugin settings or within Lightroom? I can’t find any setting and didn’t change anything before the ‘bug’ began.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

I’m guessing that in the Publish Service settings, you’ve got the “Format” set to “Original”, which for some inexplicable reason Lightroom has mean “original unedited pixels, with new modified metadata”. Set it to “JPEG” and everything should work fine. —Jeffrey

— comment by Nick Normal on March 17th, 2017 at 12:58am JST (1 year, 1 month ago) comment permalink


“Intermittent error encountered in Flickr’s back-end servers (Filetype was not recognised). Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do but try again later and hope for better luck.”

I tried Library | Plug-in Extras | Flickr Extras | Refresh All Remote Urls

And the recalcitrant images all started behaving nicely again. So I think there is something you can do after all. 🙂

John Samuel, from just outside Kew Royal Botanic Gardens

I think the timing is just coincidence. The URLs being refreshed are not part of what’s sent to Flickr during an upload. It’s like you tried to call a friend but got a “lines down” signal, then contacted the operator to check whether you had the correct number in the first place, then retrying the friend and getting through: asking the operator about the number didn’t fix whatever problem the line had been having when you tried the first time. —Jeffrey

— comment by John Samuel on March 24th, 2017 at 8:04am JST (1 year, 1 month ago) comment permalink

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida but at the moment in Savannah GA. I’ve used the plugin for years, thanks for that! Lately, I have had my export to Zenfolio simply stop, then a window pops up with the following –

Target url:
Unix timestamp of call start: 1492658920.2076
Unix timestamp of call end: 1492658920.656
HTTP Reply Date Field: Thu, 20 Apr 2017 03:28:39 GMT
HTTP Origin Field: WS002

When I click ok, the next window just pops up Cancelled, and the upload stops. Last night I set an alarm for every two hours to check on an export, and each time I checked it had stopped. After four restarts, I finally got everything up. Any ideas?

Without the full info it’s hard to guess, but the data you showed is shown for errors that the plugin thinks are Zenfolio’s fault (e.g. their servers might be having “issues” at the time). I suggest you forward it to Zenfolio, along with the full error message that went along with it. —Jeffrey

— comment by Jonathan Givens on April 20th, 2017 at 8:05pm JST (1 year ago) comment permalink

Hi Jeffry, I am using your Zenfolio plugin to export my images from LR5 to my webpages. When exporting, only the Title and Headline gets exported to display on the webpage – the file name doesn’t. I am unable to edit the template as Create New and Update options are greyed out. My workflow is that I use Photomechanic 5 to set the metadata through the IPTC Stationary Pad, Import selected file to Light room, Edit (not the metadata) and then export to my Zenfolio web page . Only the Title and Headline are shown.

Please can you advise how I can edit the template to get the information I need.

I am also looking to expert these to two places at once, my Zenfolio Webpage and a Hard Drive for Archiving.

Other than this is appears to work great.

It’s hard to guess why the options are grayed out without more info… perhaps send a plugin log after experiencing the issue, or maybe send some screenshots? About the “two places at once”, that’s easier: in Publish, see the third section of the settings dialog (“Export Override Location”). In Export, see “Export Location”. —Jeffrey

— comment by Bernie de Hoedt on May 1st, 2017 at 5:51pm JST (11 months, 24 days ago) comment permalink

Hi Jeffrey, I am successfully using one of your other plugins with my (properly registered) installation of Lightroom CC, but the Metadata Wrangler plugin generates, immediately upon installation, the following error message in Plug-in Manager: “An error occurred while attempting to load this plug-in. The plug-in description script (Info.lua) is missing.” I haven’t done anything to the plugin file, nor modified Lightroom in any way. I have tried installing the plug-in in two separate folders, one of which is my Mac Desktop folder, and all other plug-ins (including your Custom Metadata plug-in) work fine. This is occurring with a download from your website as of today. Is there anything you can advise as to how I might troubleshoot this? Thanks!

I can only guess a corrupt install of some kind. Are you sure you’ve pointed the Plugin Manager at the right spot? It might be prudent to delete all copies of the plugin from your system (to make sure there’s no confusion about what copy is what), download the latest and unzip it (and perhaps peek in to confirm that there is indeed an “Info.lua” file, among many others), then re-point the plugin manager at it…. —Jeffrey

— comment by Brandon on June 28th, 2017 at 9:50am JST (9 months, 28 days ago) comment permalink

Unable to Export error
Error calculating automatic destination for “filename.dng” unbalanced ‘{‘ in “[Path:After=ImageLibrary\}”
Image Library\ is a folder name in the path to the filemane.dng. In fact the full path is “G:\ImageLibrary\Shared\2017\05-22_OR_Coast”
I’ll rollback to the prior release and see if this continues.

Oops, a case of unintended consequences for a different change. I’ve just pushed a fix. Sorry for the hassles. —Jeffrey

— comment by Morey Behrens on June 30th, 2017 at 12:58am JST (9 months, 26 days ago) comment permalink

A couple weeks ago I fixed a minor tag problem (changing “flowers” to “flower”) and 138 photos needed to be republished on Flickr. Unfortunately, since then, I get this error message:

Flickr is currently down (error returned by Flickr: Photo is temporarily unmodifiable)

The photos are all on an external drive; if I unplug it I can add upload new photos to Flickr just fine because the plugin lets me ignore the missing photos.

I’m not sure what’s causing this problem, but it appears not to be temporary. I saw in an earlier comment that perhaps some photo is locked or something at Flickr. Is there a way to isolate a problem photo? It’s not the end of the world if Flickr doesn’t get the updated keyword. It’s mostly in my own LR catalog that I care.

I’m using MacOS 10.12.6 beta on a 2016 MacBook Pro with LR CC 2015.10.1.

That’s really weird… I’ve seen the “unmodifiable” thing only a few times, and it had never persisted. I’d imagine it’s the first photo left showing in the Publish Collection (in the “new photos…” or “modified photos…” section) at the time the error pops up. —Jeffrey

— comment by Stephen Shankland on July 10th, 2017 at 12:53am JST (9 months, 16 days ago) comment permalink

I just registered metadata wrangler and hoped it would solve a problem that I am having with scanned .tiff files edited in lightroom cc develop module then added GPS data from the map module all metadata saved to original files, then exported as .jpg files. All the metadata seems to get picked up during the export except the GPS data. I have checked all the settings in the export dialogue and in metadata wrangler and still the GPS data does not copy. I have scanned several thousand 35mm slides and negatives and only some groups of files display this behavior.
Please any suggestions what I should try.

Thanks for the great plugin, it did not fix my particular problem but it sure covers the ground.

The plugin wouldn’t add data that’s not already there (except for what you might manually add toward the bottom of the dialog), so it’d be good to figure out what Lightroom is doing. Try vanilla “Hard Drive” exports and check whether the location data is in the resulting JPGs on your system (perhaps via my metadata viewer). Lightroom has an option in one of the export-dialog sections to strip location info (including “City”, etc.), so look into that. —Jeffrey

— comment by Dennis Brown on July 10th, 2017 at 7:13am JST (9 months, 16 days ago) comment permalink

OK, so, recently I asked you about a permissions issue where I thought your plugin was ignoring the permissions settings I was asking of it. It turns out the issue is actually in Flickr Organizr, and I wanted to you know for others’ sake.

When I have loaded up a set of images to Flickr, go visit the Flickr Album on the website, and then “Edit in Organizr”, I can then make sure that the permissions are set properly by selecting “Batch Edit”, and then “Change Permissions”. When that dialog box opens, the permission “Anyone (Public)” is selected. What I have realized now is that that’s just the initial setting of that dialog, _irregardless of the permissions currently in the album_. You are setting permissions just fine – they’re set private and are not showing up in my public stream. It’s just that the Batch Permissions Edit dialog box’s initial setting doesn’t reflect the current permissions of the photos in the album.

Thanks again for the lovely plugin!

— comment by Carmine DiChiara on July 16th, 2017 at 12:19pm JST (9 months, 10 days ago) comment permalink

Thanks for the plugin! I do know that google had changed things a few months ago and the plugin basically no longer works for exporting directly to google photos. so my question , then how come update it ? anyway, i do thank you again and do hope one day the plugin would work again…

More of a habit, since parts of it still seem to work for some. I’m not working on it directly, but if I update some of the libraries that make it up, I just go ahead and push out the update with those changes. —Jeffrey

— comment by howard on July 16th, 2017 at 12:35pm JST (9 months, 10 days ago) comment permalink

Hello from Seattle, Washington, USA

I am running Mac OS 10.12.5 and just updated Lightroom to 2015.12 and then your Facebook plugin to 20170710.404

As has been the case for the last several plugin updates, upon the successful completion of the update all attempts to do anything in Lightroom or to access any other application simply yields the “bloop” error sound with each click. Again, I had to Force Quit Lightroom and restart Lightroom. While the Force Quit/Restart routine has so far not done any obvious damage, I now back up Lightroom before each update of your Facebook plugin.

It sounds like Lightroom’s got some kind of dialog open, but not visible. Try looking around for it… it might be
behind the main window, or maybe on a monitor that’s not turned on? This is a basic problem I’ve seen with Lightroom from time to time,
whereby a dialog is blocking all input but it’s not visible. —Jeffrey

— comment by Eric Johnson on July 21st, 2017 at 3:53am JST (9 months, 5 days ago) comment permalink


I’m experiencing that page posts between a period (a few months) disappear from the Facebook page. I can see them in the list of performing posts, but they are nowhere to be seen on the page.

I’m not totally sure if this “bug” is because of your plugin or not, but this has happened twice, and both times it has happened shortly after using the plugin to upload 4-5000 images in multiple albums created via the plugin.

Running on Lightroom 2015.12 on macOS 10.12.6

I have contacted Facebook about the issue again, but last time they just closed the ticket and said “they are continually working to improve facebook jadajada…”.

Have you seen this issue before?

I have not seen it, no. Since you mention uploading a large number of photos, I wonder whether you’re bumping up against some kind of limit? —Jeffrey

— comment by JK on August 28th, 2017 at 10:21pm JST (7 months, 28 days ago) comment permalink

Hi Jeffrey,

Until recently the Flickr plugin had been working beautifully but after changing the keywords on a number of previously published photos I’m consistently experiencing the following error “Flickr is currently down (error returned by Flickr: Photo is temporarily unmodifiable)”. It looks like it’s the same error as

I have also recently run the “Claim photos for photo stream” task, so I wonder if this could have contributed – prior to this I’d never seen the error.

I have tested deleting a few of the more recent photos from the feed, but no joy, and I’m reluctant to delete any more than I have because I’ll be loosing the attached Flickr history. I’ve updated the plugin to the latest version, refreshed user data and re-authenticated the plugin and the problem is persisting. Do you have any suggestions?



Writing from the UK.

I don’t think the Flickr error is related to the “Claim” operation, or anything else in Lightroom. My impression is that it’s a Flickr back-end issue that comes and goes, and other than reporting it to Flickr, the best you can do is just hope it goes away. An unsatisfying answer, I know. —Jeffrey

— comment by Tom on September 14th, 2017 at 6:07pm JST (7 months, 11 days ago) comment permalink

I keep getting this message when I try to export to zen.

Unexpected reply from Zenfolio: their system returned this error that the jf Zenfolio plugin doesn’t know how to handle: “50005: User is not an owner of an object.”

It might be an issue with Zenfolio, or perhaps with this plugin.

Additional information to pass along to Zenfolio support in case you contact them:

Target url:
Unix timestamp of call start: 1505432832.2852
Unix timestamp of call end: 1505432833.4348
HTTP Reply Date Field: Thu, 14 Sep 2017 23:47:26 GMT
HTTP Origin Field: WS001

Thanks for any help…

I’m pretty sure that’s an error at Zenfolio. It’ll likely go away on its own; if not, perhaps send them a note (including the information you copied here). —Jeffrey

— comment by Tim on September 15th, 2017 at 8:50am JST (7 months, 11 days ago) comment permalink


First of all: Thanks for your great work!

I installed your flickr plugin for Lightroom. Everything works fine, except one thing: When creating a flickr publish collection, the plugin shows “only” about the first 600 groups (in alphabetical order) and the rest of the groups are not shown – the box stays white…

Is that a known issue?

All the best

Lightroom’s dialog infrastructure doesn’t do well with really long dialogs, which a list of 600 groups would create. I notice the problem especially on Windows. 600 groups is a lot…. I think Lightroom just can’t handle it, at least as I’ve written the plugin. Sorry. )-: —Jeffrey

— comment by Götz on September 19th, 2017 at 2:08am JST (7 months, 7 days ago) comment permalink

Yesterday I noticed 5 or 6 photos on Flickr viewed with ‘camera roll’ were unavailable. I have tried a few times to republish them yesterday and today but I am getting the same message others here have “Flickr is currently down (error returned by Flickr: Photo is temporarily unmodifiable)”

Just now as I tested again to get he exact error message. They were all present and republishing worked so this is an intermittent problem it seems

Yes, it seems to come and go. It’s a problem with Flickr, in their backend systems, I’d guess. —Jeffrey

— comment by Hans Erken on September 27th, 2017 at 10:26am JST (6 months, 29 days ago) comment permalink

Hi Jeffrey, first of all, your software is fantastic. I am in Oakland, CA. For the last couple days I have been trying to upload photos to Zenfolio. I am getting this message:

Networking error when attempting The action must be retried

When I retry, same result. Advise please. Thank you,

Networking errors can be notoriously difficult to pin down. The best I can suggest is in this FAQ, but it’s just standard stuff and not satisfying if you’ve already tried all that. )-: —Jeffrey

— comment by Bradley Mart on October 3rd, 2017 at 3:43am JST (6 months, 23 days ago) comment permalink

Hi, I’m from the UK near London.

I started using your plugin when I wanted to upload to a business page, but the standard plugin wouldn’t allow. It works fine but, doesn’t seem to allow me to publish file names with each image? When I am uploading 100s of images and someone wants to buy one, the Facebook plugin when publishing to my personal page would name each image (as their original file name that came from the camera. With your plugin however, each image is blank, no file name attributed to the image? Obviously, with a file name, the images were easy to identify…
Any ideas?

See the “Facebook: Metadata Management” section of the Export/Publish dialog. There, you have considerable control over what you send to Facebook to use as the caption. —Jeffrey

— comment by Alan Harding on October 5th, 2017 at 6:35am JST (6 months, 21 days ago) comment permalink

Hi Jeff,

Thank you a lot for your publish plugins. I use mostly publish to Zenfolio.
I have a problem after upgrading LR CC to Lightroom Classic (v7). My publish services setup for zenfolio are gone (I had a few for different types of exporting: print (High Quality), previews (Low-Quality) etc.)

Can I get them back? I have upgraded your plugin to newest version and activated it

Thanks in advance for your help

Lightroom should have brought all the publishing services over when upgrading from Lr6 to Lr7… if it didn’t, it’s a huge bug (that I’ve not heard of yet). Perhaps try the upgrade again by trying to open the Lr6 catalog again from Lr7. —Jeffrey

— comment by Tomasz on October 23rd, 2017 at 9:17pm JST (6 months, 2 days ago) comment permalink

Hey Jeff. I just updated to Lightroom Classic and your Smugmug plugin stopped working. When I click on what remains of the publishing service it tries to open the following URL, but fails

I don’t want to try reinstalling it before I let you know. Im hoping it can be recovered.


It sounds like you were using a very old version of Lightroom’s SmugMug plugin, which they passed on to SmugMug itself many years ago. My plugin precedes (and is unrelated to) both. —Jeffrey

— comment by Keir Briscoe on October 29th, 2017 at 12:14pm JST (5 months, 28 days ago) comment permalink

why table with “System returned “securityError” when Lightroom attempted to use the Internet: Are you sure that your system date and time are correct?” turns on when I try to transfer my pictures from Lightroom to Zenfolio? …and it doesn’t allow to transfer any pictures. I didn’t change anything recently.
I’m writing from Canada.

— comment by Elijus on November 1st, 2017 at 12:14pm JST (5 months, 25 days ago) comment permalink

I am trying to upload pictures from Lightroom to Zenfolio and I keep getting System returned “securityerror” when Lightroom attempted to use the internet:are you sure that your system date and time are correct? My system time is correct I have checked it multiple times. I also don’t have any firewalls or anything. I have spent hours on this today. Does anyone know how to resolve this?? I can log on to Zenfolio just fine on the website.

— comment by Ashley Crook on November 2nd, 2017 at 12:17pm JST (5 months, 24 days ago) comment permalink

Thanks for all your terrific work. We’ve been running smoothly for years but now seem to have a problem with the Zenfolio plugin.

“System returned “securityError” when Lightroom attempted to use the Internet: Are you sure that your system date and time are correct?”

I checked the time, date, and year 3 times. Then I changed both the timezone and the date/time to be “Automatically” kept by the Apple OS. What else can we do?

A smattering of users are getting this. If you’re among them, and this FAQ doesn’t help, please report the exact version of your OS, your browser, and of Lightroom. I don’t know what the problem is, but I think it’s somehow related to SLL security certificates. —Jeffrey

— comment by Tim Harris on November 4th, 2017 at 4:41am JST (5 months, 22 days ago) comment permalink

I am getting the same error other users have mentioned, I get this message, “System returned “Security Error” when Lightroom attempted to use the Internet” Are you sure that your system date and time are correct?”

I checked time and date and it was all fine, I even reset it. I tried to switch to the Safari browser rather that MOZILLA firefox Nothing helped. I was trying to upload photos to my Zenfolio account from Lightroom 4. I had done a successful upload just two days ago. Please HELP!

Jolene Grabill

It turns out that this is an issue with your old version of OSX. Unfortunately, at this point the only recourse is to update the operating system, sorry. Please see this FAQ. —Jeffrey

— comment by Jolene Grabill on November 30th, 2017 at 6:06pm JST (4 months, 25 days ago) comment permalink

System returned “securityError” when Lightroom attempted to use the Internet: Are you sure that your system date and time are correct?

I have used your service for 4 year.. no problem until recently. Are you saying I need to update my macbook? Thanks for your advice. I am super bummed at the moment but hoping to find a fix

Yeah, sorry, as mentioned in the FAQ, Zenfolio just couldn’t continue to support the old insecure protocols. What’s inexplicable is how Apple didn’t support the secure ones until so late. Your browser likely works because the browser itself has the support, but Lightroom apparently relies on the OS for support. It’d be nice if Adobe included the support in Lightroom, but one doubts that they’d bother, since it would benefit so few people. None of that makes you feel any better, I’m sure, sorry. —Jeffrey

— comment by Karrah on December 11th, 2017 at 7:37am JST (4 months, 15 days ago) comment permalink

Hello Jeffery.
I managed to stumble upon you LR > Facebook plugin as I could not get the Native LR one to work. I’m experiencing a small issue which I hope you can help with…

I have my personal Facebook page (Geoff Moore) and then I have a 2nd page for my photography (Geoff Moore Landscape Photography)

Within the settings for your Plugin > Lightroom Publishing Manager > Facebook Tools I have selected (Geoff Moore Landscape Photography)

Within > Facebook: Albums In this Publish Service > I have selected Time Line Photos

The problem I’m encountering is that the image gets publish to the timeline on my personal Facebook page (Geoff Moore) and NOT (Geoff Moore Landscape Photography) and I cant figure out why. Can you assist?


What albums you can and can’t publish too has seemed to be a buggy area for a long time (see this FAQ). Your photo page is accessed via your personal-page credentials, so they’re all mixed as part of one Facebook account, and Facebook should be telling the plugin all the albums you can post to (personal and professional). The “Timeline Photos” album must be from your personal account, but apparently there’s none from your pro page? This is all usually a mystery to me (bugs that I have no control over tend to be that way), but you can try sending the plugin log after, and I’ll take a look. —Jeffrey

— comment by Geoff Moore on February 10th, 2018 at 10:52pm JST (2 months, 15 days ago) comment permalink

Thank you Jeffrey for creating such a great tool!

Getting the below error —

Plug-in error log for plug-in at: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom Classic CC\Flickr.lrplugin

**** Error 1

This plug-in’s post-processing task did not finish successfully.
Flickr API returned an error message (function upload, message Filetype was not recognised)

That’s Adobe’s Flickr plugin, not mine. Flickr’s complaining that the copy uploaded couldn’t be recognized as a photo. I doubt this problem is with the pluign… it’s probably a (hopefully-temporary) issue at Flickr. —Jeffrey

— comment by Singh on March 27th, 2018 at 12:13am JST (4 weeks, 2 days ago) comment permalink
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