New WordPress Plugin: “Time Since”
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I've just published a new plugin for WordPress, the “time since” plugin that handles the relative-date display on my blog (the “... ago” seen with post and comment timestamps).

For details and download, see the plugin page; “A Non-Stupid 'Time Since' Plugin for WordPress

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Thanks for the WP plugin. I’m glad you made this post because I wanted to ask you about your WP: I’ve started to build a site and I find that to really make it mine, I’m having to reprogram a lot of the files outside of the theme.

Whenever I open the Admin its always prompting me to update etc. etc. but with all my customization, I’ve been avoiding it. But then I get this nagging feeling that I’m somehow missing out on new features/security, etc. You’ve told many of your commentors that you’ve modded your blog considerably. In light of your changes, how often do you update your WordPress build?

You bring up a sore spot… I haven’t upgraded lately for the same reasons, though I have only two small changes to the core files. I’d like to get down to a vanilla install, but until they fix some bugs, I can’t. Do be sure to upgrade to at least 2.8.4… it’s very important. —Jeffrey

— comment by Ron.Evans on November 17th, 2009 at 11:37pm JST (14 years, 5 months ago) comment permalink
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