Anthony Coming Home From the Bus Stop
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Returning From the Bus Stop -- Kyoto, Japan -- Copyright 2009 Jeffrey Friedl,
Nikon D700 + Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 @ 200 mm — 1/320 sec, f/3.2, ISO 2000 — map & image datanearby photos
Returning From the Bus Stop

I hung out near the bus stop waiting for Anthony to return home this afternoon, hoping to get a shot of him in a nicely-coordinated green shirt and orange sweatshirt. I concealed myself behind a sign to get a candid, bit it turns out he had the sweatshirt in his bag. Still, I really like the look on his face in this shot.

If he were older he'd be checking out the camera or its female user, but at this point he doesn't care about either, so his face is wearing a “just checking out the world” look.

It seems so long ago that he commuted to school all by himself for the first time, but it's regular fare now.

As for the big typhoon I mentioned in my previous post, it turned out to be a big fizzle here. I got up at 5:30am to find a light drizzle and an almost unreal lack of wind. Tokyo on the other hand, got blasted. Also, I followed through on my plan to go to the Shogunzuka Kyoto Overlook for the sunset, but due to a clerical error on my part, arrived after sunset. Sigh.

It's been that kind of couple of weeks. I'm still not even close to getting caught up on email from last week's cold. Maybe next week....

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Anthony looks so always! Here is an article I read on BBC today about Kidzania. It was interesting because I read about it on your blog first. They have too few pictures 🙂

— comment by Sonal, MN on October 10th, 2009 at 12:45am JST (14 years, 8 months ago) comment permalink

Email from last week? I suppose it’s not completely the same, but I have in the neighborhood of 7000 photos from back to July that I haven’t even looked at let alone processed. Take your time, you’ll get there eventually 😉

Well, besides the mail from last week, I have 2,335 messages in my inbox that have passed the initial triage that I’m ostensibly supposed to get around to responding to. My Lightroom catalog has 75,677 images, most of which I want to post 🙂 if I had the time. I think the only thing that will solve my email problem is a major change in lifestyle, such as death. That would do it. —Jeffrey

— comment by JasonP on October 10th, 2009 at 5:10pm JST (14 years, 8 months ago) comment permalink
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