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I posted yesterday about an amazing evening rainbow I saw at dusk but neglected to get a picture of. It turns out that there was a similar rainbow 10 minutes earlier, 10km away, that a friend was able to get a picture of while driving.

See his rainbow pictures here.

Having taken the main rainbow photo while driving, it's not the best example of photography ever made, but at least he got a shot, which is infinitely more than I was able to do.

For a while now, I've been meaning to recommend Zak Braverman's blog as one with good photography and well-written posts. He's an American who went to college in Kyoto and has lived in Japan on and off for 17 years, currently residing over the hill from me in Otsu with his wife, 3-yr-old son, and 3-month-old daughter.

He's not a geek like I am (he's a non-geeky Japanese-to-English translator), but he does like his cameras and we enjoy being geeky about camera things. He has a Fuji S5 Pro (essentially like my Nikon D200 with a different sensor), and tends to like street photography.

So, Zak's is among the blogs I read. I use Bloglines so that I don't have to manually check each one each day, but can simply look to see what's new. Highly recommended.

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