Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 Zoom

Both Fumie and Anthony have been down with the flu lately, so not much posting on my part, but seeing today the announcement of Sigma's 200-500mm F2.8 zoom, I had to at least mention it so that everyone would know to add it to your “things to buy for Jeffrey someday” list.   🙂

photo from Digital Photography Review
photo from Digital Photography Review

Too bad it doesn't have Optical Image Stabilization. Not having it reduces the lens' appeal for handheld use. (That's a joke — the lens will likely weigh 20 pounds.)

The press release doesn't mention a price. My guess is $6,000.

UPDATE:  six   nine months later, the lens still does not appear on Sigma's list of lenses, so perhaps it's vaporware...

UPDATE #2 (Feb 27, 2008) — I just noticed that it is now on Sigma's website. I don't see it on a US retailer's site, but I see it on Yodobashi Camera's site for twenty-five thousand dollars!

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