Anthony Drawing: Family and Cats

The artwork we woke up to today is much less advanced than that of yesterday, but it's just so cute I had to share. The level is similar to the family-oriented pictures he drew in December and earlier this month:

As best I can tell, he started off by drawing Mommy, Daddy, and himself.

Then, sitting with him,Fumie drew the babysitter that we had for a while yesterday, and a cat, after which Anthony mimicked the cat.

At some point along here, Anthony doodled some random other stuff as well.

The sitter apparently wrote some text, to which Anthony tried to add some as well.

That was all yesterday. This morning, we woke up to see that he'd added another cat, and some arrows whose meaning we don't know. (I discovered this paper after he was already at school, so when he comes home, I'll ask about it.)

I suspect that the cats are part of his recent interest in pretending to be a cat... “cat play,” such as he did with Mizuki-chan at our little party the other day. It's quite cute.

[UPDATE] It turns out that the “X” and arrows and cats are all related. He had made some kind of mistake (spilled some milk), which is represented by the “X”. The arrow represents “after that,” and the cat represents neko asobi (“cat play” — pretending to be a cat). The larger set on the left were drawn while he was with Mommy, and the smaller set later, by himself.

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