You do not want to catch this bug

I don't know whether it was flu or a common cold or SARS or what, but whatever it was lay waste to me and my family this week. In my case, Thursday was the first day since Sunday that my temperature didn't rise above 40C (104F), and today (Saturday) is the first day that I have no fever at all (well, so far).

It started a week ago (Saturday) with Anthony having a mild cough. On Sunday he had a temperature up to 40C, and Fumie was feeling bad too. It hit me on Monday with a force I've never been hit before. It's been the worst cold I can ever remember (and I can remember a lot, considering that this is my fourth cold this year).

Whatever bug is responsible is very persistent. With all of us, the cold seems to “break” (we wake up in a cold sweat and soaked clothes) and we think we're over the worst of it, but it comes back with gusto the next day. For me that was three days in a row, with Thursday finally having just a “normal” mild cold all day. Today (Saturday) is the first day for me without any fever, although I still have very little energy and am so tired my eyes feel like they're falling out (yet for some reason just can not sleep). Fumie had it bad even longer.

Thank God for Fumie's mom, who lives next to us -- she was able to look after Anthony much of the time Fumie and I were incoherent. I'm also thankful for “Dora the Explorer”, which we used to babysit Anthony during much of the rest of the time. He's seen more video this week than all the previous days of his life combined. And Anthony's cold was relatively mild and short-lived, likely thanks to Fumie having gotten him a flu shot a month ago.

At least it happened this week and not next; on Monday we're all heading to Malaysia for two weeks, to visit Fumie's dad, who's there on a long-term work assignment.

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Well, of course we have sometimes the same problems, but we don’t have somebody who is living close to us. Just in worst case grandma is able to come here, but really: just in worst case. In some similar case like you we are doing the same to give us a short break: switch on video or DVD. That’s really the only way to keep them silent. They are totally focussed on the video and it doesn’t matter what is happening around. Thatswhy it was funny for us to read your blog, Anthony has been watching pretty much of the tapes. Maybe he is staring at the screen as Carina and hannah are doing :-))
PS: Have fun in Malaysia. Nice spot if you have time: Near to Kuala Terengganu there is a small private island. But a dozen houses can be rented. And excellent service. Wonderful!!!!

— comment by Thomas on March 5th, 2006 at 1:47am JST (18 years, 2 months ago) comment permalink
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