No one likes an “I told you so!”

Anthony is a big kid (approaching 3 years 3 months) and can use the toilet to make a pee-pee all by himself. But he's not so big that he's no longer gleeful when he's successful, so it still is somewhat of an “event” that he's generally happy about.

Yet, for some reason (probably because he's a kid) he's often is reluctant to use the toilet. For example, this evening before bed, as I always do, I said “let's make a pee-pee before we sleep” to which he responded (as he always does) “I don't want to”. This is our classic evening dance. He also chimed in with “I don't need to make pee-pee”, although not as defiantly as he is sometimes prone to do.

Well, I have a rule that says he can't have a final glass of milk before bed if he doesn't at least try to make a pee-pee first, so, as always, I said “Well, it's your choice; try to make a pee-pee and then have milk, or just go to bed with no pee-pee and no milk. Which would you like?” As always, he looks down and mutters “make pee-pee”.

We then head off to the toilet, and by the time we get there he's forgotten his angst and is energetic about it. He takes off his pants and underwear (which I check for “しぱい” — shippai, a pee-pee “accident”), climbs up on the toilet and proceeds to make a little tinkle.

At the sound of his tinkle, I make a bright and happy face and say “See, you could do it!”

He said “Don't say 'See'. I don't like you say 'See'!

Oops, my bad! I guess he took is as an “I told you so!” I apologized profusely.

Later on after his milk, I was brushing his teeth. I was tired and wanted to get him down, and so commented that I was going to brugh his teeth quickly. As I was brushing, the toothbrush slipped off the teeth a bit and tapped his gum or something. It's not the slightest big deal, as it happens all the time, but he latched onto it and said “See, you do it fast and you bump here.

It took all my power not to smile. From the repremanding tone of his voice, he'd probably just been itching to use “See” and finally had his chance.

Well, I see!

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I got the “Terrible Two’s” book you suggested from Amazon last week, and just finished reading it today on the train to Maibara (the snow was so heavy in Shiga-ken that the train was crawling along pretty slowly). Lots of good common sense advice, I think. It seems reassuring, but we are just getting started with the obstinate Gregory. Stay warm!

— comment by nils on January 7th, 2006 at 7:01pm JST (17 years, 9 months ago) comment permalink
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