Shame on you, Netgear

Yesterday, I bought a Netgear wireless router (WGR614, 60% off at CompUSA, for $30). Rather than a printed manual, it comes with a one-page quick-start guide with instructions on how to view the manual on CD-ROM. It says "On computers not running the MS Windows operating system, double click on the index.htm on the CD." Okay, that's easy enough, except...

index.htm refers to one big image with an image map -- there is nothing else displayed by the page. This would not be a problem in and of itself except that they refer to the image as setup/images/WGR614v5_EUinstallsc.gif, but there is no setup directory. Thus, the page is blank except for the broken-image symbol.

It turns out that there's a Setup directory, which, of course, is the same as setup to a Windows box (is there any other modern OS whose filesystems by default ignore case?), but not to anyone else.

Shame on you, Netgear, for not testing on (even one!) non-MS OS.

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This is real Otaku review I like it. How is going there?

— comment by KS on April 29th, 2005 at 1:42am JST (16 years, 7 months ago) comment permalink
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