A Visit to Nanzen Temple (Kyoto, Japan)

This morning Fumie and I made an impromptu visit to Nanzenji (南禅寺 - the Nanzen Temple), which is a few minutes away by bicycle (map).

We brought some coffee and tasty bread, parked the bikes, and walked around a bit. We've been there many times, and this time was only a short visit, but in addition to the funny picture shown in an earlier post, it yielded a few nice shots as well:

huge stone lantern near the main gate of the Nanzen
Temple (Nanzenji) in Kyoto, Japan

The huge (three meter tall?) stone lantern near the main gate.

Jeffrey in front of the main gate of the Nanzen Temple (Nanzenji) in Kyoto, Japan
Behind me is the “main gate” of the temple
(which is inside the compound; it's not an entrance)
Fumie inspecting the foliage at the Nanzen Temple (Nanzenji) in Kyoto, Japan
Fumie inspecting the foliage.
Worker cleaning leaves at the Nanzen Temple (Nanzenji) in Kyoto, Japan

For some reason, I really like this shot of an old lady cleaning leaves. She swept them with a traditional bamboo broom into the untraditional plastic dust pan, then dumped them into the blue bin. Repeat until Winter.

elevated walkway spanning a narrow stone stairwell, at the Nanzen Temple (Nanzenji) in Kyoto, Japan

My attempt at an artistic shot of an elevated walkway between two buildings. It spans a gap under which is a narrow stone stairwell leading to the back. These buildings are in the north-eastern corner of the temple area.
(Closeup of stairs)

You can see all photos from the day at my photo site.

(Also see more foliage pictures in this post from later in the month.)

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