Fall-Foliage Wigglegram from Kyoto’s Flower Temple
Animatable Wigglegram (16 frames) — slowly sweep mouse from side to side to view 3D effect
Fall Colors at the Flower Temple

My, how time flies. I took this wigglegram in 2014, which surprises me because it doesn't feel like I've been doing them nearly that long. Last year I posted another wigglegram from the same outing, in A Couple of Autumn Wigglegrams for My Niece Jena.

I had briefly touched on the outing in A Quick Peek at Kyoto’s Hanadera Temple, which itself has a wigglegram, so I guess I was in the mood that day.

This temple is wonderful to visit, but it's difficult to get to by public transport. I'm more likely to bicycle by, as it's near the base of this brutal climb in southern Kyoto.

Anyway, I'm posting this on the occasion of Paul Barr's impending return to Kyoto. He's the focal point of the wigglegram above.

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