Thanks Dmitry, The Post is Visible Now!

I quite like the post I published on Saturday evening (How I Spent My Saturday in Kyoto), and was sort of disappointed not to get any comments on it.

I did get some comments on the followup, More From the Eikando Temple Foliage Lightup, including one that mentioned that the link to the Saturday post was broken. The links worked fine for me, and “Dmitry” didn't include any contact info with the comment for me to follow up with, so I just deleted the comment as spurious.

18+ hours later, I received a followup comment from Dmitry about the broken link, but this time with an email address, so at least I could reply. As I was preparing a “the links work fine for me” response, I thought to check one more thing..... and found that they were broken when I checked with a command-line HTML validater. Oops!

Thirty minutes of head-scratching later (at 1:30 in the morning) I finally figured out that the post was marked “private” in my blog software, but since I'm logged in as the blog owner, I get to see the post anyway. No one else can. Doh! I toggled that switch to “public” and now everyone should be able to see it:

How I Spent My Saturday in Kyoto

I started a new reply to Dmitry and gushed my thanks for his persistence in reporting the problem to me. Thanks Dmitry, whoever you are!

One comment so far...


Oh, great, now it works!!!

Thank you very much.

Sorry for not including my email first time and I figured you deleted it because of that 🙂

Keep up with your interesting blog!


— comment by dgcom on November 18th, 2008 at 2:45am JST (15 years, 6 months ago) comment permalink
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