Shame on Volvo for egregious lack of safety

This is starting to sound like a broken record, but this time it's shame on Volvo for not having LATCH car-seat mount points (called “ISOFIX” outside America). I posted earlier about Audi not having LATCH points on some of their models offered in Japan. Today we were at a Volvo dealership, and while browsing one of the catalogs noticed a quote from the founder along the lines of “because cars are driven by people, safety must always be our primary concern.”

Very nice, but why does it seem that none of their cars offered in Japan have this most very basic safety feature? (At least, none of the cars at the dealer I checked today, including models that run for $60,000!) It's just two short lengths of metal welded at the appropriate spot on the seat frame -- how hard can it be? This is an international standard, for Pete's sake!

Even worse, the seat belts weren't even the locking type (see previous post for an explanation of this). This means that 99% of all car seats can't be used in the car at all without special (sold separately, don't forget to bring them) belt locks.


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