I Really Don’t Care to Fly

I really don't care for flying. It's not that I'm scared of it, or anything like that -- it's just that I'm sick of it. I used to fly a lot when I worked for Omron -- mostly 9- to 11-hour flights back and forth across the Pacific and the US.

Just on United Airlines, which I have tended to use the most, according to their Mileage Plus point record for me, my “Lifetime United flight miles” is 391,730, which is equivalent to more than 72 trans-Pacific flights. And that doesn't count the miles I did before I signed up for their point program, nor the numerous free flights (I had lots of mileage points back in the day), nor the many flights on other carriers (including multiple transpacific flights on each of at least ANA, Korean Air, Northwest, and Asiana -- perhaps more that I can't remember.)

So, as I said, I'm sick of it. A short-hop flight, such as across the US, doesn't bother me -- it's the 12-hour flights across the Pacific.

So, it is with some sense of dread that I soon (just after posting this) embark on a long trip from Kyoto, Japan to my parents' place in Ohio:

Drive to Kansai Intl (KIX) 2.0 hours
Check in, waiting, etc.3.5 hours
Wheels up to wheels down in Chicago11.8 hours
Customs, Immigration, etc. 2.0 hours
Chicago to Cleveland 1.5 hours
Cleveland to home 1.5 hours

All in all, it runs from 1pm Tuesday (Japan time) to about 10pm Tuesday (US Eastern) -- just about 22 hours total.

What makes this particular trip more interesting is that I'm doing it with Anthony -- we're traveling buddies. I hope he sleeps most of the way there -- the real challenge will be on the way back in July, where we leave in the morning rather than the evening -- he'll likely be awake the whole flight.

In either case, another challenge is to carry all the stuff. At least now, at 2.5 years, he can walk by himself (if he so chooses, of course). So that means I can use the stroller to carry some of the bags, and strap the car seat (also used in the airplane) to my back.

Despite the challenges, I'm actually looking forward to it. My opinion my well change --- ask me in about 22 hours......

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Taiken so dakedo ki Wo tsukete ne

— comment by KS on April 19th, 2005 at 3:44pm JST (18 years, 10 months ago) comment permalink
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