“The Whole Works”

This is the home page for the Lightroom Metadata-Panel preset named “The Whole Works”
You can bookmark this page as the “home” of this preset, and use this page's url to share this preset with friends.

To use this preset:

  1. Optionally, set sort order for your copy:
    This influences where in the drop-down menu of presets your preset title appears.

  2. Then, save this link to disk with a name ending with “.lrtemplate
    (If you just want to see what the file looks like, view this page.)

  3. Install the file following these instructions.
    Instructions are also found in a comment at the top of the downloaded file.

You can also View and Edit this preset, such as to change the title, or use it as a base for constructing a different preset.

Sort Order

The way sort order works for these presets in Lightroom is a bit wonky, probably because it's a hidden, unsupported feature of these custom templates, which themselves are a hidden, unsupported feature of Lightroom. I suspect that support for a preset sort order exists merely to get “Default” at the top of the list of standard presets.

Anyway, here are the sorting rules:

  1. All custom presets with a sort order other than “Alphabetic by Title” appear at the top of the list, above “Default,” in the order specified. (If two or more custom presets have the same sort order, they are alphabetized in a case-sensitive manner: uppercase before lowercase)

  2. Then comes “Default”

  3. Finally, all “Alphabetic by Title,” custom presets appear mixed in with the other standard presets, alphabetized in a case-sensitive manner.