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My Approach to Shooting With Two Camera Bodies

I did something yesterday that I'd never done: I went out shooting with two camera bodies.

I often go out shooting with one body and many lenses, changing lenses upwards of 70 times on a long and interesting outing, and this works well for what I like to do, but when I added the Nikon D4 to my Nikon D700 at the start of the summer, I specifically thought it might be nice to have two bodies when out among the festive crowds at Kyoto's Gion Matsuri festival, one body with the huge Nikkor 300mm f/2, and another with a [...]

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Low-Quality Photographic Lighting Has Me Seen Green

You might not particularly notice it the first time you see the photo above, but once I point it out, you won't be able to miss it: my skin has a decidedly green tint.


This is a classic side effect of fluorescent lighting not specifically designed for photography, which is apparently what Stéphane and I used during one of our portraiture practice sessions.

Unfortunately, I had bought bulbs that were specifically advertised as "for photography", sold and branded by a company that makes photo-studio lighting equipment. I simply got ripped off. )-:

I'd bought Gorgeoust (the company's name) "Super [...]

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Took My New Nikon D4 Out For A Spin At Night (Before Reading The Manual)

As I mentioned the other day on the impromptu portraits post, I picked up a Nikon D4.


I actually ordered it the day it was announced, but ended up canceling the order for lack of excitement about what I'd get over the Nikon D700 I've been happy with for years. But despite having canceled the order, the shop shipped one to me a couple of months later when they finally got stock, and well, not ordering is one thing, but returning is another, so here I am with a D4.

I've used Nikon bodies for years, so many of [...]

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Going Max Cliché While Learning About Off-Camera Flash

Let me say up front that I know the photos on this post are ridiculous. I think the type is ridiculous even when done seriously (e.g. in a "fashion" catalog), but all the more so when done by someone my age. I'm just trying to learn to cut loose a little while also learning about off-camera flash; I'd appreciate if your laughs are with me instead of at me.


As I noted last month in "Trying a Little Formal Portraiture" and a couple of weeks ago in "Impromptu Portraiture Practice", I'm interested in improving my ability to take portraits. [...]

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Prucia Plum Wine from France, and Some Dramatic Lighting, and Rolling-Stones Beer

I mentioned the other day in a post about a minor heart episode that a local restaurant, Togiya, serves Prucia, a plum wine (umeshu -- 梅酒) from France. I'd never seen a plum wine from outside Japan.

Well, in the store the other day to pick up some of the fiesta-in-a-bottle Sangria Peñasol that I mentioned in last month's "A Bunch Of Blurry Pictures of Folks Pouring Wine", to my surprise I came across a bottle of Prucia on the shelf. In the name of research and public service, I brought it home with me.

I've shown great restraint in [...]

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