Colorful Precipitation Radar Five Hours Before the Typhoon

Typhoon Approaching
4:05 PM — T minus-5 hours

I've never seen the precipitation radar look quite this colorful. This is from a few minutes ago. I live at the black dot to the lower-right of center. Typhoon #19 (Vongfong, though these kind of names are never used in Japan) is forecast to pass through Kyoto in five or six hours. A bit exciting.

Update: 70 minutes later, it's all the more impressive:

5:15 PM

Now at 7:25 it's a field of red, and it's raining here, but it really doesn't seem that bad. Also, the wind, which was quite strong a few hours ago, seems to have died down considerably.

7:25 PM

Update the next morning: it turned out to be not such a big deal here in Kyoto... it rained but not even close to the torrential rains we get in the summer. The Kamo river, for example, didn't even come close to flooding (as it sometimes does).

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The JMA has updated their rain forecast page and also provides high-res data now.

Happy typhoon! 🙂

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