Putting Up With Amazon Japan’s Delivery-Schedule Problems
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In a comment on my “Low-Quality Photographic Lighting Has Me Seen Green” post from two days ago, RoyReddy suggested a product that might help (an X-Rite Color-Checker Passport). It looked like a good idea, so I ordered one yesterday, from Amazon Japan.

This morning I was disappointed to see the “delivery estimate” of “October 21, 2012 - October 27, 2012”. Drat, that pretty much means that the Amazon store I bought it from is just an office that imports things on demand (e.g. from America) and when they receive it, forward it to me. I was disappointed to have to wait that long when I could have just ordered it from The States myself, at a much lower price.

So I was happily surprised when I came home today to find it in my mailbox.

Amazon Japan still says the “Oct 21-27” delivery estimate, so I don't understand where the mixup came, but it seems to be a running problem. I'd ordered some large free-standing shelving units a few days ago, and the order-status page estimates an “Oct 11-15” delivery, but also in my mailbox this evening was the “sorry we missed you” note from the delivery company.

If you've got to have problems, these are good ones to have. 🙂

Now my next problem is processing the 1,102 photos I took at Anthony's school sports festival today...

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