Anthony got a Haircut

Anthony's hair can get wild, but it doesn't grow very fast. He was over a year old by the time he had his first haircut. Here's a screen capture from the video:

Anthony at 1 year 17 days (Nov 2003), ready for his first haircut

More than two and a half years later, he's had only a few more haircuts, twice in the place down the street where Fumie and I often get our hair cut, but mostly by me. Yesterday, we went to a kids-only haircut shop with racecars for chairs and videos of trains and such in front of each station.

Anthony at 3 years 7 months 28 days (June 2006), ready for his sixthish haircut

View in the mirror

Washing out all the little hairs

Blow Dry

It was a very smooth experience (unlike any previous haircut), half due to the racecar, and half to the skill/experience of the cutter in dealing with kids. She was very good, and very fast (it's only 14 minutes between the first picture and the last).

It actually looked much better today than it does in the just-after photo, probably because we could give it a decent shampoo at home. In any case, the results are much better than when I first tried.

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